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Brand Positioning



The concepts of health and indulgence are often at odds from a marketing perspective. Health is typically perceived as pragmatic, results-oriented, and physical, while indulgence is associated with pleasure-seeking, experiences, and emotions. However, aspirational well-being is building momentum as consumers gravitate towards the idea that self-care can and should feel indulgent. We believe in taking a common-sense approach to clean beauty. Therefore, we develop products intended to stay on your skin all day, using a cleaner alternative, a routine with non-toxic products that work.

Brand Positioning

  • Soul Sisters explores wellness from multiple perspectives, from beauty and food to work and relationships. The approach recognizes the evolution of the health concept and the reality that consumers seek well-being in almost every aspect of their lives.

  • Soul Sister's shift from curator to the retailer and eventually to manufacturer has allowed the company to deliver precisely the products that appeal to its loyal fan base. As a result, we make consumers more pre-emptive in their well-being approaches.

  • Soul Sister's endorsement of exorbitantly priced products has reinforced the brand as a source of aspirational wellness, drawing in health-oriented consumers who increasingly believe they should not have to put a price on their well-being.

  • Soul Sisters is made with 100% PURE natural ingredients. It is committed to producing the purest products and promoting clean, healthier living, translated into potent, result-driven products. So you'll never have to choose between safe ingredients, healthy skin, or the best results.

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Stylish, colorful, clear, and concise brand zone, we created a playful composition to be part of the brand's visual concept with a clean status and unique selling proposition – all these elements work to create an image of a modern and energetic brand.


The ingredients are potent and trustworthy; since all the products are created with selected natural organic ingredients. The concept involves consciously shaping our attitudes, habits, and general ways of life to be more congruent with the philosophies, principles, morals, and ethics; therefore, we decided to incorporate the Hamsa hand to emphasize the protection and flow of energy of the chakras in your body as well as the five senses. While rooted in an appreciation of contrasting cultures and a rich tradition of visual storytelling, informed by Indian heritage. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging


Eco-friendly packaging targets the millennial female audience, working towards a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle. 

We created a refill solution that reduces the use of plastics. It’s also the cheapest way to make your packaging more environmentally friendly. A simple rethink or change in design can create a new service for your existing packaging. In addition, the refill bottle can be used for multiple refill doses – an effortless and affordable way to cut down on plastic waste.

The layout of our packaging with vibrant colors showcases a strong sense of energy,  optimism, and empowerment. Joyful, typified by an abstract design, refers to magic, contrasting in a harmonious and complementary way, bringing the paradigm of the minimalist aesthetics-guided part of Zen painting.


The wood details on the packaging bring an organic and natural vibe bringing balance and encapsulating the rest of the packaging,  neatly highlighting the product on the shelf, emphasizing its exclusivity. It is a unique concept and one that is sure to take off among this audience.

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