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The brand expresses a genuine lifestyle by balancing an urban life integrated with sports and nature in which organic, technological, local, global, luxury, and simplicity are complementary.


Design, art, and sustainability make up our universe, representing the vision of "new luxury" - combining design products with impeccable quality and universal aesthetics in line with sustainable socio-environmental practices.

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Timeless and produced with the most negligible socio-environmental impact.

This is the proposal for e-basics, the permanent line of IN2IT. Produced from socially responsible raw materials, our e-fabrics, such as recycled cotton; organic cotton; Recycled PET; Tyvek; We curated a line of denim made from recycled plastic salvaged from the ocean. The plastic bits are woven into a hybrid cotton-plastic material called Bionic Yarn. They create some pretty rad jeans for both ladies and gents.


More waste is being transformed into fashion, promoting the circular economy, reuse, and reuse of raw materials, preventing this material from entering the environment.


After the inspiration stage, we start with mood boards and then move to create samples with different materials that work for both fashion and function.   


Our marketing collateral are tidy, modern and minimalist, to go along with the collection that utilizes basic and refined silhouettes and monochrome shades across many pieces.

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