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Nick V  is a contemporary retailer that focuses on upscale casual wear, inspired by the energy and attitude of the people of Los Angeles that mixes streetwear with the fashion runway.


Think ripped jeans, vintage purses, and Louboutins. Combining the high fashion realm, the real-world streets, and social media influences the style. It's essential but very feminine, with a hint of sexy appeal that powerfully demonstrates the love for fashion. It's not a look; it's a mood.


To develop a brand identity concept, which went on to include a logotype and logo applied to business cards, tags, packaging, and signage, underpinned by the idea of the store and compliments its interior design.

The concept

We develop a brand identity concept with a monochrome layout with details in the hue magenta to give a luxurious feeling.


The visual language expresses their unique perspective on women’s fashion style—basic, modern, and fashionista. 


This extended to packaging, a series of lifestyle concepts for an editorial.

Editorial content

The editorial also presents content that covers reviews, fitness-focused travel guides, and in-depth insight into new brands. In addition, it curates a catalog of world-leading products at the intersection of fashion and sports performance, designed by innovative and passionate brands with progressive approaches.


The brand identity was designed favor classic simplicity, understated detail, precise finishes and minimalist lines, shapes, and materials.


Built around a logotype and a simple print and packaging treatment that uses few but good quality and contrasting paper and print choices, the solution reflects the key aesthetic and design values.

Limited Edition

To connect with the idea of lifestyle and promising territory for luxury brands, we designed exclusive labels for the limited collection that changes every three months, like this communicating a sense of uniqueness and distinctiveness for something unique. 

We decided to make the magenta stand out since the color is more frequently associated with imaginative or luxurious elements and meets perfectly with the brand. To match the high-end mood, we chose a soft-touch matte finish with raised spot gloss to give a wow factor.

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