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Logo Design

Brand Strategy


Identity System Design

Merchandise and Packaging Design

Social Media and Email Campaign

Digital and Printed Marketing Assets

As we develop the name and label design for these premium supplements we include symbols based on chemical references, presenting a futuristic botanical feel to ensure that these formulations are prepared by medical professionals, thus strategically positioning them as different from the products produced in the market.


With the range of vitamins and supplements, we again make a conscious decision not to look like everyone else in the category.


Sold through a worldwide gym in the USA, Gold's Gym, the brand offers a diversity of products, from pre-workout to vitamins, each one with its unique design.

The supplements were created to be part of the my24 program, creating healthy, energy, and physical fitness.


The goal is to educate people that health is the vital energy to be mindful. No matter where you are or what stress or temptations you face, you can maintain a compelling, lasting commitment to your well-being.


We also develop marketing materials to explain in detail the benefits of each supplement and vitamin.


The packaging feels and looks very strong and minimalist. The packaging tells you that this food supplement is a 100% natural product. The info is limited but clear.

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