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The Eatery is a community-inspired dining concept located in Downtown Cincinnati on the second floor above the new On the Rhine Kroger store. It supports 5 of Cincinnati's beloved casual dining concepts in one location and a full premium bar next to our outside patio overlooking Central Parkway.


The entrance is located at the corner of Court and Walnut. With 7,000 square foot space, up to 200 guests can be gathered, and a corner lounge area for smaller groups, business meetings, and personal events.

The Concept

The Rhine Eatery logo was inspired by the Cincinnati flag and conveys a message to customers, and associates about the city's culture and history. They are designed with dynamic spaces that blend progressive culinary, retail, and cultural experiences into high-energy urban markets—meant to represent the food hall vision accurately. Paired with a tailored, fun color palette, murals, and wall art, the identity is focused on a proud declaration—CINCY BORN—celebrating the project's significant local engagement in a borough that prides itself on deep-rooted authenticity.

Kroger Seasonal Campaigns Concept / Design + Development

From early planning through execution, the leadership team brings the critical touchpoints of the marketing goals for the campaign. Then is created design concepts and storyboards, direct photoshoots, and developed a 360º design, with high and low-fidelity prototypes creating a customer experience that enhances brand awareness to turn the team's concept vision into a vibrant campaign. To match a digital experience, other creative assets are created to drive customer engagement online. In addition, the Board of Directors works with us to ensure the envisioned business objectives are on point, and the project management team streamline the construction process, ensuring that all deadline are met successfully.

Rebrand + Photo Aesthetic 


To contrast those beautiful top-down images of food everyone uses, we are adding motion and energy to real food as our new signature style. Now “Kroji” characters (Kroger plus emoji) in the new campaign are intended to be fun, relatable, and representative of Kroger customers, associates, and communities. When paired with the animation, the food pops out and presents it to customers as a natural hero element.

The strategy is to emphasize fresh, real food, which may help Kroger better connect with customers. maintaining visual communication through all the channels and translating digitally, increasing brand loyalty and customer advocacy.

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