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The Challenge

Make the clients experience the charming, cozy, yet modern, family-owned, southern restaurant with delicious food and owners who make you feel like part of the family and increase Crabby Chris Coffee Co's visibility.


Brand Identity

Graphics and illustrations

Interior Design


Car Wrap


Marketing Materials

Staff Uniform

Email Campaign


Working alongside our client, the goal was to be inspired to match their meticulous roasted coffee beans and create a brand and a venue that felt established. We did some research and, in the process, uncovered stories about an old Ormond Beach hangout called Crabby Chris Cafe, a colorful eatery with southern breakfast and lunch with unique creations made by a local Chef, where families enjoyed a modern and cozy environment Key West charming style, Crabby Chris Coffee Co. was created.


Tasty food and friendly service is the vibe that Crab Island Coffee Co. wants to transmit to its customers.


Crab Island Coffee Co. is a brand that maintains simplicity and cleanliness and is fun at the same time. Our goal is to ensure that the brand message is delivered to consumers in an engaging way.  

We collaborated with the client’s interior designer to establish a color palette that contributed to the restaurant’s unique identity and overall branding. The wood texture and leaves are inspired by the Key West tropical look that can be appreciated in all the branding and packaging. 

The established branding guidelines were then applied to all marketing materials, including their new logo, menu, website, and all forms of advertising created to help promote the business.

Pattern logo.png

Brand Identity

We believe the magic happens when there’s room to play and how design elements interact. So our brand toolbox was comprised of a series of pattern work and typography that balances modern and tropical experiences, incorporating into the color palette rich dark tones, splashes of bright and sunny colors, and adding recycled paper throughout the texture and rustic finish, and illustrations for a dash of whimsy.

menu -01.png

Bright and Bold Collateral


The criteria for design includes, the flavor itself, dishes with modern twists.

How do you communicate that visually?

We added a colorful pattern, a good dash of the brand's vibrant personality that gave a visual voice to the brand. The quality of the overall experience matters, too—the setting, the aroma, the sauces, and the dishes on the side. 

still-life-hanging-bag WEB.png
Crabby Island Coffee Packaging Mockup.png
Food Crab Chris-01.png
Branding and Social Media

With most promotional materials in place, we created a 12-month marketing and media plan to target our Ormond Beach audience strategically. The program included search engine optimization, social media setup, and content and email marketing.

We also implemented a social media influencer strategy, leveraging the reputation and reach of critical social media influencers in the Ormond Beach, travel, and food markets.

To assist with day-to-day operations, we introduced the company to a point-of-sale (POS) system that allowed the staff to serve their customers efficiently. In addition, the POS system easily integrated with the rewards program we initiated, one that incentivized individuals to eat at Crabby Chris Coffee Co. and brought in new and recurring customers.

Food Trucks offered an incredible opportunity to mix brands, vehicle graphics, and design, so we designed a full wrap of a food truck and brought tremendous benefits to a brand strategy. First, our customers connected emotionally to our brand, increasing sales and improving brand differentiation. These mobile culinary wonders follow the brand identity and bring a tropical vibe and incredible food; the vibrant brand can speak visually entertaining and finds the modern style in the middle.

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