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Why is branding important?

A brand is not a logo, a promise, a product, or even an impression. It is a result—a customer's gut feeling about a product, service, or company. 

The combination of elements like the logo, colors, typography, and visuals that represent the brand. But it's not just about looks. It also includes the brand's personality and values, the tone of voice, the company mission statement, and how it's perceived. All reflect a specific brand. It's the story you're telling to your customers and team members.

Brand identity is your brand's DNA. It's what makes your brand unique, recognizable, and memorable.

What kind of design services do I offer?

I offer a variety of different types of  design services that your business can use to help them with your branding. Some of the most common types of services include Logo design, Web design, Packaging design, Social Media, Animation graphics, and Marketing materials. I also cater unconventional designs, and in different platforms for better customer experience. If you are looking to enhance what you currently have, I can also redesign your product or business with an innovative approach.

How long I've been doing design?

I am a brand designer, strategist, visionary, and overall self-proclaimed generalist with over 12 years of experience in print and digital. I have worked closely with C-suite leaders for high-profile brands in diverse sectors, including consumer goods, home products, fashion retail, social innovation design, and brand experience design.

How does the design process work?

Definition Stage

  • Step 1: The creative brief

  • Step 2: Graphic design market research

  • Step 3: Mood boarding/brainstorming

Creation Stage

  • Step 4: Idea sketching

  • Step 5: design creation

  • Step 6: Design refining

Feedback Stage

  • Step 7: Present design

  • Step 8: Make revisions

Delivery Stage

  • Step 9: Client approval

  • Step 10: Final delivery

How do I send final projects?

Files are delivered in PDF format. Web images are flat .jpg, .tiff and .png files. Illustrations are flat .tiff or .eps files sometimes a 1 layer .psd to retain transparency. Vector art is expended and merged to make it fully usable, but not easily editable.

Do I build websites with coding?

I would choose Wordpress over hand-coding because its user-friendly interface and extensive range of themes and plugins make it easier to build and customize websites without any coding knowledge. It's a robust platform that can create various websites, including blogs, business websites, e-commerce stores, portfolios, and more.

Do I do quick-turnaround jobs?

My deadlines are our finish lines. My goal is to meet every milestone on time and exceed every expectation. The timelines contained within are purely estimates based on past work. I will work with you to develop more concrete deadlines during the project planning and discovery phase.


My estimated timelines rely heavily on a speedy approval and feedback cycle. In order to hit these marks, I request that all feedback and approvals be submitted to Toca.Design within three (3) business days of request.

To help the client help me, I provide a few things—namely, a feedback system for questions, concerns, and constructive criticism.

How do I charge?

Professional fees for the services are estimated to total for the project approach outlined in the proposal.
Services will be billed on a flat project-fee basis and estimated professional fees are based on the objectives, scope of work, activities, deliverables and timeline as described in th
e proposal. After the client review the proposal, sign the DocuSign, I required 50% of the total amount upfront. 

Are there any hidden fees?

After the initial call and discuss the goal of your business, a proposal with details and the total costs is sent to the client with absolutely no hidden costs or fees.

What do I need from you?

Before you get in touch, take a look at my work and see the type of creative work you can expect from me.

I need clear instructions that you can provide. What is your goal and what are you looking to achieve, with that we can plan a strategy for where and how graphic designs are going to be used.

I know that so many people don’t know what a good brief entails so consider finding some examples for inspiration. 

How many times can you get revisions done
on your designs?

The revision process can be difficult because I might receive a lot of feedback, which is unstructured. This is why when I get your feedback, first structure and then start making revisions. I offer three rounds of revisions, can be increased depending of the scope of work, it will be disclose on the proposal. As rounds of revisions progress, each round should get less complicated. While emails are a quick and easy way to get feedback, it’s to lose valuable information. Online proofing can help me structure your feedback and speed up the revision process.

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