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CPG Brand Strategy + Brand creation + Visual Identity + Food Photography

+ Package Design + Brand Narrative + Site Design + App Design

The idea of creating healthy and tasty meals and making it easier for busy working people and the fitness industry came from a renowned chef in Ormond Beach and Key West and a famous gym franchise owner, Gold's Gym. By partnering with local farmers to raise the highest-quality ingredients, Fit & Fresh creates a distribution system that delivers a healthy meal at a better value and invests in the things that matter most—our environment and our communities.


Fit and Fresh is a user-friendly app that allows users to deliver home food subscriptions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner time, to their homes in certain areas with flexible delivery times to accommodate customers' schedules. Fresh, seasonal food helps you follow your healthy lifestyle by giving suggestions when planning your meals.

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Brand Creation + Visual Identity

Leading the design is a brand strategy rooted in balancing a playfulness appropriate for the category with messaging and cues for a premium audience. he visual identity balances modern typography and a minimal palette with bold food photography and expressive illustration—it’s clean-eating, with flavor and fun.

App + Website


We conduct user research to understand the target users, as well as gather feedback from current customers to identify areas for improvement in the existing system delivery.  Our goal is to understand every critical part of meal prep, with the objective to increase conversion, promote user satisfaction, and create brand loyalty. They also have a rewards program where they can enjoy special discounts.

Business Goals: Provide usability to users in order to gain more users, promote user satisfaction, online shopping and its benefits.

User Goals: Fast-paced food delivery, nutritional and tasty home food like, meals on a schedule, on a budget.

Project Goals: Understand every critical part of meal prep, increase conversion, and create brand loyalty.

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With a clean look and appealing food photography, the packaging is intended to be relatable to easy and simple. The overall aesthetic ties all together making Fit & Fresh something you want to bring into your home.


Unlike styrofoam boxes that can’t wait to get rid of. 

One of the most treaded color preconceptions is that oranges and reds make you hungry, we wanted to give a different look to the competition, and we brought light blue and white to get the feeling of trust in our brand and green for the freshness of the food.


They have a zero-waste policy, and the packaging is eco-friendly. We moved to packages made entirely of cardboard corrugated delivery boxes, and any other paper products are 100% recyclable. Our 100% recyclable packaging, to the natural, organic produce and clean ingredients inside it that are BPA-free and won't fall apart in the microwave. Also, bringing a read on for a simple how-to guide to recycle and reuse our delivery materials. 

Their delivery fleet runs on electric vehicles, helping to reduce carbon footprint and making the delivery service more sustainable.

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