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By partnering with local farmers to raise the highest-quality ingredients, Fit & fresh creates a distribution system that delivers a healthy meal at a better value and by investing in the things that matter most—our environment and our communities.


Nutritionally, our bodies need variety, so we’re getting a better balance of nutrients and wholesome fuel sources. 


From their 100% recyclable box to the natural, organic produce and clean ingredients inside it, that are BPA-free and won’t fall apart in the microwave.


The idea of creating healthy and tasty meals came from a renowned chef in Ormond Beach and Key West, and a famous gym franchise, Gold's Gym.

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App and Website

Using the given data from target users, understanding every critical part of meal prep. Applying the most different UX Methodologies to come up with the best result.


You can create your own menu, select the quantity, and specific dates, and you'll get the perfect meals. Fresh, seasonal food, helps you to follow your healthy lifestyle by giving you suggestions when planning your meals.

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Brand Identity

The clean look with a light color palette and fun background with food element ties all the packaging together with a pajama-like comfort that makes Fit & Fresh something you want to bring into your home, unlike styrofoam boxes that you can’t wait to get rid of. 

One of the most treaded color preconceptions is that oranges and reds make you hungry and here you can see it in action.  We wanted to give a different look of the competition, and we brought the light blue, white to bring the feeling of trust on our brand, and green for freshness of the food.

Extending into the website and app — applications but that here are integral — the identity is perfectly presented, looking fresh, healthy, and savory.


Meal kits have caught the eye of more than just the harried dinner preparers among us.

The kits are convenient, the ingredients are fresh and sustainably sourced, and the resulting meals are delectable and home-cooked. Because millions of people are getting meal kits in boxes, an industry we’re gaining the power purchasing solutions to go to major concerns and say we want better packaging.

In an ideal world, packaging would be a thing of the past, but until that time comes, read on for a simple how-to guide to recycle and reuse our delivery materials.

So we moved to packaging that are made entirely of cardboard corrugated delivery box, and any other paper products are 100% recyclable.

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