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A company is only as reliable as its team members, product quality, customers, and leadership.


It’s this mission that drives everyone at NutraKey to give their best.  


All of their supplements are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients which are free of harmful items.


NutraKey is not your average nutritional supplement company.

They provide all-natural, and 100% pure supplements that contain absolutely no fillers or additives. Consequently, their products

are not only extraordinarily effective but affordable as well.


The identity is markedly different from the brand competitors,

the packaging look reinterprets a combination of science, 

performance, quality, and potency.

The rebranding and marketing efforts needed to appeal to a wider target audience without alienating supplements existing on the consumer base, so we focused on user experience and overall design appeal across the board.

The new labels of  BCAA Optima and Billboards for MTC oil offer a cleaner look and paper with a silky feel. More attractive aesthetic and emphasize the product as high-end pure and, employing a color palette of bright green, giving the energetic look, combined with metallic, glossy spots for

a modern and sporty look.

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