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" Using the knowledge of Science and the influence of Fashion to spread a positive message of social responsibility and health awareness. "

FLTR is an innovative brand in consumer products for the American mass market, rooted in social responsibility that promotes safety and health while providing a twist of style and personality, They pride themselves on creating superior products, working with the world’s best manufacturers and suppliers to ensure we bring the highest quality products to market while creating a reliable and modern product.  

Campaign Messaging

Building a sense of community was essential during the pandemic. Higher emotional intelligence equates with a strong ability to deal with and the confidence to discuss issues such as anxiety, bullying and loneliness, all of which can affect children as early as primary school. With that in mind, I developed "Act with Kindness". A heartwarming campaign, that features vibrant masks with illustrations on a whimsical side, which spread inclusive messaging, fostering a culture of empathy and understanding. The campaign is dedicated to educating children about the fundamental significance of kindness from an early age, nurturing a generation of compassionate and caring individuals.

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