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About me

I have a passion for creating art

that makes people feel and think differently.

I take a different approach to the creative process,

experimenting with new tools and concepts.

I love that my days are never the same; every day poses a new question or problem

that I have to solve through design. 

A creative at heart, I enjoy working with specialists within different industries to design, build execute, or partner with internal teams and departments to create visionary projects. My versatility and ability to adapt to new industries and design problems have made me a refined designer in my field. My experiences, qualities, and intuitions influence my creations and I believe that's what makes an artist's work unique. I have a passion for creating design patterns and doing acrylic paintings, and I love to photograph.


Whether you are launching a brand or looking to elevate an existing one—I got you covered. I have worked with B2B and B2C clients, EDM production, and renowned retail corporations, creating concepts, and seasonal campaigns. I custom-designed car wraps, created interactive environments, delivered digital experiences, and designed storefronts and patterns for lifestyle products.

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