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Our core

We have a passion for creating art

that makes people feel and think differently.

We take a different approach to our creative process,

experimenting with new tools and concepts.

At Toca Design, we take the time to understand your business in-depth, looking at the cultural values of your audience, defining everlasting shapes, messages, and colors, and creating a solution in the communication of your brand, understandable by everyone.

Our creations are influenced by experiences and individual qualities, and we believe that's what makes an artist's work unique.  


Whether you are launching a brand or looking to elevate an existing one—we have you covered. Our international architects of branding and partners in the creative collaboration team have worked on the production of EDM music festivals, seasonal campaigns for Kroger Co., custom design car wrap for the Weathertech race team; as well as built brands for restaurants, textile designs for fashion couture, medical, beverage, fitness, and sports businesses.


Toca develops an alignment between company values and your audience's culture, exploiting the archetypal elements of geometric shapes, and delivering a corporate identity that inspires and energizes.

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