Art, Culture.


Out Gallery is about culture, community, and creative conversation in the art sector; a Digital MarketPlace to better connect with its audiences is needed, including building an intuitive information architecture and developing a coherent visual language.


Due to the global pandemic they were not able to host exhibitions. This case study explores a new way to exhibit and experience art in a safe and socially distanced way.

My Role

Information Architecture, Wireframing, Prototyping, Logo Design, Visual Identity, Webdesign.

Project Time

2 months (before handoff to development).

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Art / Evaluation / Research / Community

In a critical team, lateral thinkers, question challenges, intents, needs, and purposes to identify solutions and creative opportunities.

In 2021 OutGallery.Art is established through a passion for developing and delivering high-quality participatory arts practice, with a commitment to learning, research, experimentation, co-designing cultural programs, and creative evaluations. We work with artists, and cultural organizations to identify and create exciting cultural opportunities.

We create participatory art programs but have noticed a glaring gap within the arts sector; Creatives are failing to measure the impact of their work effectively and struggling to demonstrate the value of an investment in creativity. 

The evaluation must be meaningful, relevant, embedded, and captured to add impact and create shareable content.

We believe in doing things differently.

The Marketplace

The Headquarters and the Flagship store are located in São Paulo and utilize a delivery model of the ground Creative Agents to provide in-person support and visibility. Through this, it connects and nurtures:


  • partnership development,

  • community advocates and leaders,

  • community research,

  • project delivery,

  • new creative and artistic experiences,

  • artist's exposition,

The marketPlace works closely with artists. Andreza Botelho, responsible for organizing cultural and creative events, and Lucio Fonseca, a renowned fashion editor, and creative stylist consultant, who does artist's curation.

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Visual Identity

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Omnichannel Experience

We developed levels of personalized service when shopping on the marketplace. Adding options for users to book a curator, check the availability of the Art piece, set their wishlist, and make reservations, allows virtually you to place true-to-scale 3D Art pieces in your very own space, combining the latest AR technology. As well as having the products delivered and installed at your chosen time allows for a more seamless online and offline experience.

The gallery was built in WordPress with Woocommerce plugins. The engagement with the gallery has been tracked through the level of reach and interaction with content on MarketPlace social platforms, as visitors to the gallery can happen at any time. We are keyword-focused to get the maximum SEO benefits. It’s also a good idea to keep your keywords simple. This could be related to the content of the original artwork or the style, such as painting, digital art, or something similar.

3D Virtual Gallery

Out Gallery MarketPlace is able to approach the art community with a 3D virtual gallery experience to host quarterly exhibitions, meeting the need for connection, routine, and a way to reduce the isolation of artists. The digital nature of the project challenged the group to see and experience their work in a new way, combining the latest AR technology.

Virtual reality technology for fine arts can give a broader range of individuals a chance to build an art appreciation. Having an immersive experience can bring these works of art to life and into your home, resulting in a more memorable experience, allowing audiences to connect with Art pieces and further immerse themselves in the world of art.

Out Gallery is a space filled with multicultural references and events that could make this virtual space seem belonging and relevant to artists on a global spectrum on a digital experience.