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Costa comes from Juliana's surname, which means Coast in Portuguese. Juliana is the designer behind Costa. Since he was 11 years old, she has painted and has shown a passion for art and fashion; self-taught and growing older; she dedicated herself to courses to discover her path: acrylic, pastel, ceramics, jewelry, sewing, and botanical watercolor. She went to college and graduated as a multimedia designer. Juliana desires to create something that expresses her aesthetics, colors, and the desire to explore patterns on clothes and classic decorative objects with deeply connected themes. Nature, foliage and flowers, and animals.


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Creative Process

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Brand Positioning

Live, in color, prints everywhere. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, provides inspiration for art. Nature, temperature, colors, everything was created in the form of design, and Costa has always wanted to transform this climate into fashion in the most natural, contemporary, and authentic way. So we developed our pieces made by hand and made with our Brazilian hands, delicate and full of love. They started on a small stand at a fashion fair, then they were sold online and gained visibility. Costa began to create custom designs in partnership with renowned fashion brands.


The origin is an inspiring lifestyle. The carioca (a girl born in Rio) is our starting point and our endpoint because that is exactly how we believe that beauty should be: Costa is less high heels and more feet in the sand, less makeup, and more tan. Less flat iron and more hair drying in the wind after a swim in the sea. Less mirror and more eye to eye, Less clock and more our own time! ;)

In a natural and organic process, Juliana da Costa, originally from Rio, managed to translate, like nobody else, who the girl from Rio is, inspiration for life! With that focus in mind, Costa integrates modern fashion design with traditional textile production made by artisans. The focus on making connections, both within the community and between customers and producers, makes every piece a conversation starter and a bit of personal identity.

At Costa, we understand that only with long-term relationships based on transparency it's possible to act in an ethical, responsible, and sustainable manner throughout our chain. Therefore, we are working to make the best practices in the market a reality.

We don't follow trends. We paint and color from the inside out, not the other way around. We painted some prints by hand before scanning them to convey our affection through the brushes. We created with our souls, intending to color all the oceans of this little world.



We only work with Brazilian factories and clothing companies, encouraging the local economy. We make the most of fabric leftovers, so we make some of our packages with the cut fabrics that are no longer useful as clothing and recycled paper. In addition to being ecological, they are beautiful. After all, they take our prints or colors that we chose with such affection for the collection. We still use a plantable label (when planting basil or daisy is born)!


We count on innovation and exclusive technology for those who seek the perfect harmony between fashion and respect for the environment. We paint collections concerning nature, involving natural or biodegradable synthetic fabrics. The production of the materials is made with treated water, reused, and returned pure to the environment.

Our pieces have biodegradable DNA. The fabric decomposes after four years if properly disposed of in landfills, while other synthetics take more than 120. Our material undergoes a treatment that receives an edible additive by bacteria; thus, the decomposition occurs quickly only in places with many bacteria, ok?

So don't worry, it won't decompose in your closet, just in landfills and the like.