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Beamae's Rebrand

I created a lively restaurant brand system to complement their delicious Louisiana-style seafood gumbo. The​ Key touchpoints for Beamae's branding project includes logo redesign, web design, clean photography, iconography, fun typography, graphics, menus, packaging, social media posts, and pattern designs featured across all marketing materials, including aprons, staff uniforms, tent and the food truck.

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Social Media

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Pattern Design and Color Palette

Beamae's logos are the foundation of the brand identity. Patterns are a fantastic way to play with colors and give our design a look and feel to make a stronger impact and establish a connection to a specific feeling without needing to put it into words. Our pattern design helps maintain consistency and serves as the signature for different flavors.


Beamae's Seafood Gumbo features a vibrant color scheme, with red drawing attention and whetting appetites before customers look at the menu. The use of blue invokes the freshness of the seafood and the ocean. On the other hand, Beamae's sweet treats exhibit a softer color palette, incorporating pastels to create a harmonious, calming effect. Pink is often associated with sweetness and delicacy, while mint is linked to creativity. This classic and timeless combination is both pleasing and inviting.

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